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Anthropocene <2018>
This piece combines live visuals, climate change data and musical performance to create a compelling experience that attempts to create a more emotional presentation of climate data. The work was co-developed with Dr. Nicholas Papador, who scored the accompanying marimba solo. The visuals were coded in Max/MSP and were largely driven by a dataset of global average temperature. The dataset was broken into three segments that resulted in three movements of the performance. The data was presented as a chart on screen, an coresponded to and increases in brightness of a red background. As the temperature increased, the red glow became more intense, eventually filling the performance hall with an uncomfortable and ominous feeling of warmth.

Live presentation of Anthropocene

Setting up the room before the performance

Looking on over the performance

Screen capture of the final frame of the visual component

Screen capture of the MaxMSP code that generates the visuals

Score by written Dr. Nicholas Papador