Goodbye, World

Michael Lucenkiw

Artist . Designer . Researcher . Maker

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I am an interdisciplinary artist/researcher working in the bio art field. My practice is heavily situated in DIY, hacker and maker culture. Broadly speaking, my work addresses issues related to environmental awareness, environmental monitoring and engaging with future digital/physical environments, especially in an urban context. My process is largely driven by background in environmental science and landscape architecture. From this I combine testing and analytical approaches with object and special design techniques. I work across a lot of mediums including sound design, lighting, mapping, new media, electronics design, coding, digital design and fabrication, and wood working.
Exhibitions 2019 - Human Nature - Augmented Screening, SoCA- Incubator Lab. Windsor, Canada. 2019 - A Matter of Opinion, ArtSpeak Gallery, Windsor, ON 2019 - Windsor Essex Maker Faire. SoCA. Windsor, Canada. 2018 - Tech Art Fair. Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada 2018 - IS ANYONE READING THIS?, ArtSpeak Gallery, Windsor, ON Publications 2016 - Giving Voice to Growing Things, Landscape Passage. Performances 2018 - Anthropocene. Science on Tap. University of Windsor Installations 2019 - Resileo SoCA. Windsor, Canada. 2014 - The Electrosmog Detector. Winnipeg. Nuit Blanche. 2013 - Circuit. Winnipeg. Nuit Blanche. Works 2019 - Resonance in 42°N 83°W 2019 - Pollution Piano 2019 - This is Supposed to be a Water Analysis Machine 2019 - En Attendant Nevers 2018 - Anthropocene 2018 - Interference 2014 - The Cyborg Plant