Goodbye, World

Michael Lucenkiw

Artist . Designer . Researcher . Maker

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Take A Closer Look <2019>
A comentary on our fear of GMO technology, this work asks viewers to see the converstation in a different context. Presented as a interactrive artwork, the piece activates UV lights as the viewer approaches. This frequecy of light stimulates the bacteria which have been modified in the lab causing them to bioluminece. The work was produced with support from the Incubator Lab, located in Windsor, ON.

Installed in the Incubator Art Lab, Windsor, ON

The frame is mouted outside the glass wall of the lab Image credit: Shawn Chamberland

Drop box mounted inside the lab to comply with the University's double containment policy.Image credit: Shawn Chamberland

Detail showing the bacteria, some parts have been altered to glow and others not. Image credit: Shawn Chamberland

Designing the pattern that would be drawn in bacteria.

Once the bacteria design is complete, it is placed in the incubator to expediate growth.

A drop box was built to structurally support the lighting system and petri dish.

Exposed wiring used to power the White and UV LEDs