Goodbye, World

Michael Lucenkiw

Artist . Designer . Researcher . Maker

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Enviro Sensor Net <2018>
Long term experimentL project working with iot platforms to create an inexpesnive, easily deployable network of customizable sensors that can feed live data to a central computer to support live, generative artworks. Currently, there is a small scale prototype working using exisitng cloud platforms. The goal is to eventually have the project hosted on a dedicated server.

Early testing of mapping that responds in realtime to changing data

prototype of a sesnsor pack that can be deployed to collect live data

Testing various platforms for hosting the sensors.

Currently using Adafruit's ESP32 based Feather. Wifi allows the chip to send data to the server

Developing plug and play sensor modules for increased adaptability.

Visuals are generated in MaxMSP using JSNode script to collect data from IoT servers.

Early tests of data visualization.

Another early test of data visualization.

One of the sites that inspires my work, this steal mill along the Detroit River.