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Interference <2018>
One part experiment, one part criticism, this artwork explores the impacts of technology integrated with the landscape and the interplay of humans interacting with these hybrid plant systems. The artwork, titled Interference, will encourage visitors to interact with two plants housed in an electronically augmented apparatus and reflect on the impact this interaction has on both the plant and themselves. Each plant will be bathed in different wavelengths of light - blue (625nM) and red (475nM). These wavelengths encourage thicker leafing or flowering, respectively. The oxygen levels around each plant will be monitored in real time and presented on small digital displays. Interference is a work-in-progress that takes the form of a living sculpture and has a visitor interaction component. The sculpture will be free standing and is approximately 50cm tall and 40cm wide. It is comprised of a copper tubing frame that supports two plants, two small LED lamps, an Arduino and related electronics. A rotary dial is positioned in front of the sculpture and is attached by a wire that extends out from the the copper frame and controls the brightness of the LEDs. Visitors will be encouraged to engage with the work by adjusting the dial which allows them to determine the amount of light the plants receive, thereby interfering in the hybrid plant system. Each plant will be housed in a closed container with an oxygen concentration sensor and an LED light.

Depending on the room, the lighting blends to create a strong purple hue.

On display at the Ontario Science Center Tech Art Fair

Each colour light is distinctly visable

Early verson of the sculpture installed in a gallery

Early verson in development, plants being grown, sensors being tested.

Custom LED board designed for the project

DIY LED board using grow lights