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Resonance in 42°N 83°W <2019>
This work is a collection of collected water samples, mapping, sound recordings, electronic music composition, software programming, hardware design, sculpture and lighting to create an immersive installation. Viewers are met with several elements of the Detroit river presented in an abstract form encouraging them to make an emotional connection to the river and water flowing in it. The piece has been setup in two different formats: lineally along the back wall of the gallery, and in a smaller square room with with the installation wrapping around the room.

The wires used to power the speakers and lighting are used to form a map of the Detroit River

Water samples are projected onto the gallery walls

Detail of the plinth that supports the speaker and water sample

Detail of location plaque showing where samples were taken.

Four 2-ch amps support the seven channel sound output of the installation.

Water vibrations from sound samples taken on each site,